a mess like this


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i talked with some colleagues about my PCB project and one of them can make me a transparent box in PVC. i will add mirrors in it and maybe some LEDs. its awesome! The other step is to find the components, the thing is LMNC has cool ressources but for UK, and with customs duties etc, it will be expensive :( i have to find a solution in my country... anyways it will be a cool project and the community is producing ressources so i don't feel alone or lost about it! i'll update l8er with how i progress...

「 ✦ 𝟐𝟕/𝟎𝟑/𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟒 ✦ 」


ppl!! i bought a PCB at the Look Mum No Computer concert!! i bought it on a pulse and i will show you how it goes with the construction of my farty PCB (thats the name of the model :v)